Q<Q - Fast Track Shopping Appointments to beat the Q's

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With Q’s need to enter most stores. Smart locations will react and use the Q<Q app Solution

QlessQ - Fast Track Pub and Shopping Appointments
QlessQ - Shopping

QlessQ for Retail

Q<Q Shopping Customer Proposition

  • QLess

Book 20 minute time slots to enter a shop, and enjoy an afternoon of Qless shopping with the QLessQ app.

  • Pay £1, Save £2

Reserve your slot at a cost of £1.00 for 1-2 people and get a minimum of £2.00 off when purchasing, so better than FREE if you intend to buy.

Q<Q Retailer Benefits

  • Loyalty app driven by Q’s.

Recruit customers to Q<Q and create free marketing channel direct to their phones.

  • Multi outlet approach.

10X more Customers download Apps offering multiple retail and pub access, compared to individual retail/pub apps.

  • Intention to Buy

Allows limited access to be focused on people intending to buy.

  • No Integration

The retail version of the Q<Q App can be downloaded directly to staff phones or iPad’s.

  • Stock Controlled

Control appointment volumes by time, day, location and store size.

  • Better Customer Experience

By reducing queues, you enhance customer safety and reduce frustration compared to non-Q<Q Retailers.

  • Reach More Customers with Cross Promotion

As soon as a customer books a slot at a nearby location, Q<Q retailers can promote visiting their store as well.

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