YQ to create new marketing channel via solving the Covid-19 Queuing issue.

YQ is queue management app allowing customers to book “Fast Track” entrance passes to pubs and shops to avoid social distancing Q’s. The app is downloadable by scanning QR codes or links, featured in window posters, emails or social media posts with each new customer able to trial the app with 3 free passes.

Customers can then sit at home and plan a combined shopping/drinking visit to their local high streets, by booking fast track 20 minute entry slot’s on their phones for £1 per person. This creates a “QR code” entry pass, that is simply scanned by an entry manager using the app on their smart phones.

The low entry fee is to ensure customers have a “purchasing intent” and will turn up for the booked appointment. The app has easy to use “Stock control” set up that can be configured by day of the week, or hour of the day and unlike competing Apps, the solution is FREE for locations to use and requires no integration, allowing instant role out.

The YQ team also question the effectiveness of single location app solutions.

Co-Founder Steve Endacott commented “ YQ wants to be the “Just Eat” of the Q’ing tools, bridging multiple brands and sectors. The key to a successful app is “frequency” of use and customer utility, which makes it essential to have a multi location solution. For this reason single brand apps are likely to be expensive “White Elephants”, that quickly fade away due to “Appneasure”, which is when an app is downloaded but quickly forgotten”.

YQ believe that the fear of Q’s is a major “depressor” of customer demand, for both high street shops and pubs.

Eddie Robb YQ’s Sales Director commented “ Young people may be happy to Q, but higher spending middle aged customers will only return if they can avoid queuing. YQ Fast passes provide “Kudos” and certainty about getting in, making customers feel rewarded and valued. When capacity is limited, filling your locations with higher spending customers has to be a must.”

Like many people YQ watched the re-opening of pubs on the 4th of July with interest.

Co-Founder Steve Endacott commented, “Pubs are quickly discovering that Q’s are the simplest way to maximise table utilisation, as they allow a “table in table out approach” that means all tables are in constant use, unlike pre-bookable table systems. Many pubs also suffered entrance management difficulties as many table bookings arrived in a jumbled order and mingled with non pre-booked customers.”

The YQ app also allows customers put off by a large Q at a location, to scan a poster to book a return “fast track” visit in a later entry slot that day, allowing locations retain customers.

YQ claims to open up a new marketing channels for pubs and shops post covid-19 impacts.

Robb commented “ Q’s are a current trading negative, but if they drive app downloads, they can open up a new marketing channel direct to customers phones, that facilitates loyalty programs and 1:1 offers to incentives re-visits”.

YQ have produced a promotional pack for shops and pubs, including window poster, flyers and online email/social templates, that allow them to role the product out quickly and cheaply.

How the YQ solution works.

YQ is a diary App that allows you to book a 20-minute slot to get “Fast Track” entry to the front of the queue.

It removes “Q fear” and gives the entry certainty needed by older customers.

  • Pay £1 per token.

Finding YQ Shops and Pubs

  • Enter your postcode to see YQ shops/pubs near you or a town you want to visit
  • Choose your shop/pub


  • Scan the QR code at the front of a Q to come back later

Booking an appointment

  • Enter the day and time, you want to book a slot for (most are 20m slots)
  • Enter No. people
  • Book your slot and receive an “Entry Pass”

Entering the shop

  • Arrive at the shop within your time slot.
  • Print pass or call up on App.
  • Skip to the front of the Q and enter showing your YQ Pass.

Contact YQ at sales@qlessq.co.uk or visit the website www.qlessq.co.uk to find out more.

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